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Hard Clue Scrolls - Probably the easiest way to get them is by hunting Hellhounds. They are sometimes found at Taverley dungeon. However, those near Wilderness lever is going to be our goal. The motive for RS gold this is that players who kill monsters from the Wilderness can gain from your Imbued Ring of Wealth effect, which raises their fall rate significantly.

Elite Clue Scrolls - Matters get even more complicated when it comes to Clue Scrolls of the tier. One of the most effective procedures to farm them is Barrows. The minigame is rewarding by itself, so in the event that you would like to farm Clue Scrolls there, then you can create a little extra gain before even starting Treasure Trail. You'll receive about a 3% chance to be given a scroll upon beating all half of Barrows brothers.

Master Clue Scrolls - Although Master Clues are the most difficult to finish, they are much less hard to obtain. There are currently two approaches to get them in Old School RuneScape. The first method involves finishing easier Clues. On Easy Difficulty, it is 1/50 chance, on Moderate 1/30, on Tough 1/15 and Elite 1/5. So the only Clue Scroll that doesn't have the Master Clue Scroll since the benefit is for novices.

Another way of getting them entails a bargain which you can create with NPC Watson at Hosidius House. He'll trade you his Master Clue Scroll for four other scrolls - Easy, Medium, Hard and Elite. It's an excellent way of dumping scrolls that you cannot complete. If you are stuck on a few of those puzzles, then you can give it away to Watson and farm for a new one to start over.

There is also a chance that you might receive a Clue Scroll fall from skilling. A opportunity to receive one rises together with the quality of the material you are working with. By way of instance, when you are woodcutting, you may get Clue Scrolls more frequently from Yew trees compared to regular ones, when Mining, you may get more clues from Runite stone than from Iron. During skilling, you've got a 28.5percent chance to get Beginner or Easy Clue Scroll, 21.4percent likelihood for a Moderate one, 14.2percent for a Hard, and 7.1percent chance to cheap OSRS gold get Elite.